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6 февраля 2023
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What is Labor Certification?

A labor certification is a statement from the US Department of Labor that a post exists for which no American workers are available. Over the last few decades, a complex and large body of law has emerged limiting how the job must be described and how the test of US workers must be carried out. In this article a houston labor certification lawyer explains what is labor certification in detail

Process of Labor Certification

The method for obtaining permanent labor certification differs based on the program. This website contains information on how to file for each of the programs that are under the Department of Labor’s (DOL) purview. The employer, not the employee, is responsible for filing applications. The employee, on the other hand, can profit from understanding the program that is being used on his or her behalf. In general, the DOL seeks to guarantee that foreign employees’ entry to the United States has no negative impact on job opportunities, pay, or working conditions for American workers. After the DOL has granted a permanent labor certification application, the employer must apply to USCIS for immigration authorization. If you want to know about immigration policies about Texas in spanish, do check it at abogados en texas de inmigracion.

Program Electronic Review Management (PERM)

One of the most essential techniques for foreign employees seeking to immigrate to the United States is to obtain labor certification. When I first started practicing immigration law in 1980, the entire process took only a few months, regardless of where you were in the nation. The process made sense for both the company and the alien employee because of the processing times. In several regions of the country, processing times have risen to more over five years by 2004. The US Department of Labor has been working for years to reform the way alien labor certificates are handled in order to make the process more acceptable. PERM stands for «Program Electronic Review Management,» and it may be the answer to the delays, as we all hope. It’s basically a computer-assisted examination of labor certification applications.

Purpose of Labor Certification

Labor certification is the process of demonstrating that no competent U.S. workers are available for the position being advertised. If there are qualified U.S. workers — in fact, even moderately qualified U.S. workers — the foreign worker cannot be awarded a permanent post.

How much Labor Certification cost?

For PERM Labor Certification submission, the attorney charge is merely $3000. For drafting and filing the I-140 petition, the PERM attorney fee is $1500. The primary applicant’s lawyer charge for filing I-485, EAD, and AP is $1000, and each dependent family member’s price is $800. You can save a lot of money, if you’re planning to get the services from the immigration law firm in houston tx.

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